Ebony Using 'What She Has To Get What She Wants' Makes Her Smart — Rex Omar


The original 90s Bad Gyal, Ebony Reigns, is always being criticized for her style.
Ebony is master of teasing her fans imagination with her raunchy style, but that does not sit well with a lot of ‘puritan’ Ghanaians who are always on her case.
Highlife singer Rex Omar, Chairman of the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), has jumped to the defence of the singer like Countryman Songo.
According to Rex, the strategy being utilized by Ebony and her management team is a smart one, as the singer is using what she has to get what she wants.
Speaking on Kasapa Fm, he opined that as a singer you have to do something extraordinary to catch the eye and that’s exactly what the young lady is doing.
“I like Ebony so much… Ebony and her management are smart, there are lot of male artistes that do videos including myself. I didn’t create the attraction between a man and a woman but everybody knows that the woman’s body attracts men. Ebony uses what she has to get what she wants…the fact that she exposes part of her body to sell her brand doesn’t make her a bad person, it’s marketing.” he said.
“She covered up in her recent video ‘Maame Hw3’ and this tells you, she is giving the public what they want and she has achieved it and at the end of the day when you all see it, you will all talk about it.
“What is an artiste? If people think about you and you don’t get them thinking then you’re not an artiste. There must be something eccentric and extraordinary about you.
“Why is everybody following Shatta Wale? Because there is something different about him. That’s why Ebony is selling because there’s something different about her.” he added.


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