GC Gossip: Six Male Celebrities Who Were Considered As 'F*ck Boys' By Ghanaians In 2017 And K.O.D Topped The List

Abena Korkor

At the last quarter of 2017, there was a s*x scandal which shook the walls of Ghana. Hope you remember Nana Abena Korkor Addo, the UCC bipolar lady who shockingly released names of male celebrities who took advantage of her bipolar disorder to have s*xual intercourse with her?
Yes! Ghanaians have classified these six male celebrities as ‘f*ck boys’ based on the Abena Korkor’s s*x scandal. Even though most of them denied and threatened to sue her but that never saw the light of day and that’s a clear indication that there could be an iota of truth in the whole scandal.

We asked Ghanaians about male celebrities whom they considered as ‘f*ck boys’ in 2017 and below are the six who made the list;
1. K.O.D 
K.O.D of Starr FM topped the list based on the fact that Abena Korkor described K.O.D’s s*xual fantasy as extraordinaire and powerful. She even went to the extreme and described his p*nis as extremely huge.
K.O.D stood tall on the list because for a woman to even describe the size of your p*nis in public shows how true the whole scandal was.

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2. Politician Sammy Awuku
The outspoken politician, Sammy Awuku aka ‘boys abr3’ was second on the list for the fact that Abena showered praises on his paying prowess. Abena Korkor emphatically stated that the young politician pays her Ghc3,000 per s*xual bout. Sammy Awuku denied the allegation and threatened to ‘slap’ the bipolar girl with a lawsuit but that never happened.

Sammy Awuku

3. Criss Waddle
Third on the list is Ghanaian rapper Criss Kwaku Waddle–he ‘chopped’ third place on the list and this is why. Abena Korkor described Criss Waddle’s s*xual fantasy as one who loved the ‘bush’ type of s*x, meaning Criss Waddle’s crave for unshaved v*gina is ‘crazy’ and unprecedented. Apparently, that is what turned him on.
Criss Waddle

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4. Kojo Yankson
Broadcast journalist, Kojo Yankson ‘chopped’ 4th on the list for the fact that most Ghanaians never expected his name to be on the list of Abena Korkor since he sits on the radio every morning to preach against immorality and corruption to listeners. People expected him to know better that the girl is a bipolar girl and that he shouldn’t have jumped into her ‘p*nts’.

Kojo Yankson

5. Abeiku Santana
Famous radio presenter Abeiku Santana even though was not found on the list of Abena Korkor but a screenshot which made waves on social media alleging him of harassing beautiful girls on Instagram for s*x placed him 5th on the list of male celebrities considered by Ghanaians as ‘f*ck boys’.
Abeiku Santana

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6. Giovani Caleb
Starr FM‘s Giovani Caleb came last on the list for this simple reason. Abena Korkor unashamedly described Giovani’s p*nis as small as that of a child and that’s enough reason to place him on the bottom of the male celebrities considered by Ghanaians as ‘f*ck boys’ in 2017. For a woman to boldly tell the public about how small the p*nis of a man she’s had s*xual intercourse with isn’t cool at all.

Giovani Caleb


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