Twitter Fight: Yvonne Nelson Says Berla Mundi Has Been Dating A Married Man Yet Hypocritically Spreads Rumours About Her Having A Baby With A Married Man

Yvonne Nelson

These Ghanaian Celebrities are shameless–extensively cheap and perhaps “whorishly” proud.
It’s as if single men do not exist in the world: they continue to date and chop the husbands of other women, some even have children with these men–and come out claiming to be all about women empowerment.

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Actress-Yvonne Nelson, alleged to have had a baby with someone’s husband has taken to Twitter to hit GHONE’s Berla Mundi–adding that, Berla is dating a married man and therefore she has no right to spread rumours about her.
Now, this is a battle between those chopping down people’s husbands.
If you have a husband, better watch out for these ones! By the way, if you know the married man Berla Mundi is chopping down, contact us and you will be paid for the info…

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Check out the tweets below…


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