CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Why I’ve Made It A Life Long Mission to Criticise Yvonne Nelson And Even Her Ghost –the Case of Berla Mundi

Berla Mundi and Yvonne Nelson

I’ve no strict job description as a writer but a “constant” that runs through my work is criticism. Over the years, I’ve found myself critiquing different personalities, companies and happenings around us.
It’s dangerous, albeit thrilling to set off mainly to criticise people and their actions. It has also taught me one important lesson; that no one is beyond criticism, including myself.
As a result of my work, people who do not even know me and hold false suppositions about me continue to slam and criticise me, wherever they find themselves. I treat all criticisms, the lies and the truth, with respect—which is, not to threaten anyone who criticises me.
For me, people have a right to an opinion and there are only two ways to react to people’s opinions: it’s either you agree or disagree. But you cannot compel or restrict anyone from having an opinion, even diabolical ones about you and what you do, especially when you’ve put yourself out there in the limelight.
Yvonne Nelson is a rancorous hypocrite—she believes she has a right to criticise, badmouth and even rally antagonism or demonstration against others but the slightest criticism of her should not be entertained.
I actually started GhanaCelebrities.Com’s journey with Yvonne Nelson. She was among the first three Celebrities we interviewed when we launched in 2008. She was then a student at Central University—I mean the Princess Tyra era.
She was excited about the interview because it was to give her a global reach. It happened and I remember her even sharing the link.

In 2010, one of the writers at GhanaCelebrities.Com wrote a piece about Yvonne Nelson which the actress did not find favourable. She took to her Facebook to slam everyone at GhanaCelebrities.Com, saying, “GhanaCelibrities.Com reporters have not sat in lecture halls before.”
To me, that was amusing, largely because every reasonable person would know that was pure nonsense. At the time and even now, almost all the writers at GhanaCelebrities.Com are highly educated than Yvonne Nelson and have sat in what we call proper lecture theatres, not the “under tree” structures folks like Yvonne Nelson used.
Most of the writers at GhanaCelebrities.Com were disappointed with Yvonne Nelson as they found her comment unnecessary. However, I wasn’t surprised because as someone who had followed celebrity blogs for many years before launching one, I was aware of the sort of responses unfavorable articles received from celebrities.
My writers instituted a ban and decided not to write about Yvonne Nelson at all—and even refused to promote a movie, The Game, simply because Yvonne Nelson was a cast. Their action was costing me money so I managed to convince them to lift their self-imposed ban.
Yvonne Nelson was still pissed; she saw herself as beyond reproach so how dare anyone at GhanaCelebrities.Com criticize her?
Now, this is where I got pissed too—and made it a lifelong mission to criticize this person who hates to be criticized but loves to criticize others.
A reporter from GhanaCelebrities.Com attended an event and amongst the celebrities in attendance was Yvonne Nelson. During a photo call session, Yvonne Nelson created a huge embarrassing scene—shouting and threatening our reporter that she will smash his camera and slap him if he took a photo of her. She prevented the reporter from doing his work and the public disrespect was grave.
An assault on a GhanaCelebrities.Com’s reporter, is an assault on the entire entity.
She was doing all these because of an article that had appeared on GhanaCelebrities.Com about her, that she did not like.
It was after this incident that I decided to become a pain in her life by serving her the one dish, criticism, that she so much hates.
Interestingly, I’ve actually been able to become a pain more than I even anticipated and I am proud of it. She has blocked GhanaCelebrities.Com on Twitter and other Social Media platforms, yet we are able to tear right into her, make her cry and get the whole country talking about her, with our intended punitive criticisms.
Yvonne Nelson has still not leant anything and she continues to delude herself that she is immune from criticism—therefore, she would fight everyone, including those who it’s their jobs to even talk about people like her.

And this is why she got upset yesterday with Berla Mundi for discussing her on her Late Afternoon Show. What did Berla Mundi say that was wrong, I asked myself after watching the above clip from the show.
If anything at all, Berla Mundi and her panel members were “ass-kissing”, there were no honest brutalities in their submissions. I am sure they were scared of the girl who has long been trying to silence all her critics.
Paradoxically, this same Yvonne Nelson criticizes almost everyone in Ghana, from the President to the common man. She is even able to rally citizens to protest against a whole government. And no one in government at the time intimidated her or took to Social Media to expose her rot—like she does to those who drop a pin of criticism her way.
So people cannot do their jobs anymore in Ghana, simply because Yvonne Nelson wouldn’t like what would be said about her?
It’s in the face of her detest for criticism that I’ve developed a special interest, though mostly mundane, to become her biggest critic in the world and not even spare her ghost when she’s long dead and gone.

Yvonne Nelson’s tweet about Berla Mundi


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