VIDEO: Watch The Discussion Between Berla Mundi And Guests Which Pissed Yvonne Nelson Off To Slam Mundi As A Fellow Husband Snatcher On Twitter

Berla Mundi

On Friday night, Gh twitter spontaneously combusted after Yvonne Nelson came out, hard, against GhOne Tv Presenter Berla Mundi.
Yvonne Nelson’s ‘beef’ was that Mundi and a couple of guests on her show ‘The Late Afternoon’ had the balls to discuss her trending issue of having a new baby and being an alleged homewrecker and husband snatcher.
Berla Mundi and her guests actually discussed the issue in the most cordial way possible (as you’ll see in the attached video), and each gave their opinion on the issue. Mundi actually served more as a moderator than a contributor.
However, something about the whole thing ticked Ms Nelson off, sending her into a tweet rage against the presenter.

Perhaps she’s tired of being criticized as a husband snatcher when there are a whole lot of them around doing the same thing; living their Christian values.
Anyway, watch the video of the convo below and try and figure out what Mundi said that merited such a strong response.


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