CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Why Ghanaian Female Celebrities Are Obsessed With Married Men—The Only Truth to the Conundrum

Romantic Dinner

Reasonably, Ghanaian women would want to enter into relationships that have focus—mostly heading toward marriage. There are a few radical individuals, who would temporarily choose to focus on fun, and therefore wouldn’t mind if a relationship has any sort of direction, provided they are obtaining the fun they yearn for.
In the case of female Ghanaian Celebrities, there’s a different layer to the conversation and that’s the point of this article.
For the last decade or more, I’ve had several female Ghanaian Celebrities friends and have worked with almost every female Ghanaian Celebrity, directly or directly. These women are fragile, perhaps more than those who do not have any societal standings.
They also have needs, like every other woman. But they have something else, a desire to live lavishly, without doing much work. In fact, some regard this as an inherent entitlement.
I’ve spoken to several female Ghanaian Celebrities about finding other jobs, even if it’s to work at a bank, alongside what has become an infrequent career, acting, TV or music.
Most of these women have had University education and can work like everybody else, alongside their Entertainment related professions which obviously do not pay much and have no opportunities.
Every Ghanaian female celebrity I’ve spoken to about this has said; her celebrity status does not permit her to work like the commoner. Of course, they do not put it this way but the convoluted explanations and reasons they cite clearly interpret as so.
The conundrum therefore is, we have beautiful women who believe they have a right to live in the fabulousness folks like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé portray to the world, but do not have the means to, and consider doing any other jobs apart from the non-rewarding Entertainment related gigs that rarely come their way a taboo.
Someone must provide for the luxury they yearn for—and since the bunch of single struggling men, irrespective of how fine or how many bags of future prospects they carry, cannot provide the instant gratification of celebrity lifestyle they seek, these men are not good enough for them.
The established men, those who swim in opulence and real cash, mostly married with children are the inevitable redeemers, the solution to the puzzle.
Let me be generous here; most of the celebrities I know who are dating or have dated married men, would comfortably date a single man with the same bank balance and kind heart as the 50-something year old CEO or Manager of that automobile company, situated near Circle in Accra.
So their obsession is not with the marital status of these men, rather, how deep their pockets are and the degree of generosity that accompanies their bellies. It just mostly happens, as already explained, that in our part of the world, the rich men are always someone’s husband.
These celebrities are not natural home wreckers; they are just natural gold-diggers—it’s a collateral damage, that those who own the gold mines they seek to dig have wives and sometimes children.
About two or three years ago, I was part of the studio audience for the Jonathan Ross Show and he interviewed movie star Liam Neeson who spoke about his rise to the big screen. Neeson talked about how he worked at a factory in Ireland while he was chasing his dream to become a big and well paid movie star. And even when he finally moved to LA, he continued to work as a waiter to support himself as he was not making much from the few jobs that were coming his way.
No matter how you look at it, it’s pathetic that, our able women, occasionally intelligent, would forfeit working at decent places to make earns meet because of their immaterial social media or celebrity status but are ready to be sucking old sluggish dicks of married men, for business class tickets to Dubai and lonely cold nights at the Hilton Hotel in Paris.
Name a female Ghanaian Celebrity and a quick search around would probably reveal whose husband she is chopping down—not for fun or anything else, but for money.


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