Huh! Yvonne Nelson And Regina Van Helvert Unfollow Each Other Amidst The Berla Mundi Beef

Berla Mundi and Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson’s attack on Berla Mundi is apparently causing a turmoil in her network of few friends and we aren’t surprised because Yvonne being autocratic as she is, it’s always difficult for her to maintain friends.
Most of her good friends and fans are those who kiss her a*s to always make her feel good because the rest are blocked either on social media or in her real life and it seems this time around Regina Van Hervelt hasn’t licked her boots in this Berla Mundi issue so they are likely parting ways.

The pair has been the best of friends lately but surprisingly just after the Berla Mundi saga, we have realized they aren’t following each other again on Instagram even as at the time of this publication.
If this is something to go by, then certainly something is wrong because it doesn’t make sense for such close friends not to be following each other particularly in this present heat where Regina is left in the middle of the beef.

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Since the ‘beefers’ have no history of recent friendship among them, conspiracy theory has it that Miss Van Helvert is possibly the only info-pipeline between Yvonne and Berla so it tells how uncomfortable it will be for her if another party spills some wiki leaks venom against the other.

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Until Regina and Yvonne prove otherwise then is sure they unfollowing each other sure has something to do with Berla Mundi’s attack. However, Berla and her co-worker still follow each but we’ve noticed she isn’t following Yvonne Nelson too and that’s news because, before that bullying tweet from Yvonne, she was following her too.


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