You Can't Boast Of Any Hit Songs Since I Left Praye, You're Just Riding On Our Old Songs Which I Wrote — Choirmaster Fires Back At Cartel Big J And Kente


The airing of the dirty laundry has started and as Ghanaians all we can do is sit back, grab the popcorn and enjoy.
These music groups always find a way to destroy whatever good thing they once had going and then after that they become terrible enemies and start undressing each other in public.
A few days ago the remaining members of Praye, Cartel Big J (formerly Tietia) and Kente (formerly Tintin) descended on Choirmaster (formerly Honeho) for being a hypocrite who slams the group in public but privately begs for a reunion.
Their attacks followed a new year’s message by Choirmaster in which he shared a photo of the group during the old days and wished a happy new year and for better things.

After the attack on him, Choirmaster has responded and he’s going as dirty as he can. He accused the other two of being a dead group since he left, claiming they are only riding on the old Praye songs most of which he personally wrote. He even claimed to have written some of their verses for them.
He also accused Kente of being the real problem with the group as he always used to disgrace the group due to his ‘vices’.
This is getting ugly and we expect the other Praye members to respond with their own insults soon.


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