CASH BABY — Yvonne Nelson Also Used Her Pregnancy To Shoot A TV Show, 'Waiting For Ryn' Would Hit Your TV Screens Soon

Actress Yvonne Nelson spent her entire pregnancy in a hard to explain stance of denying she was pregnant, sending good friends out to sully their reputations lying for her.
Many claim it is her right to hide her pregnancy if she wants to but it turns out the entire thing was a profit making venture for her which she cashed in on anyway she could.
She ‘announced’ her pregnancy and birth at the time it was dead news with a magazine ‘exclusive’, and now she’s revealed she also shot a tv show revolving around her non-existent pregnancy which she would soon hit the screens.
Taking to twitter this afternoon, Nelson wrote: “Watch out for a show I shot when I was pregnant.”
Ryn is the name she gave her half caste daughter with Jamie Roberts, the British photographer she snatched from his Nigerian wife.

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For the defenders of Yvonne Nelson, its hard to maintain she hid her pregnancy for ‘privacy’ reasons when day by day we discover the glaring profit motives behind it.


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