Eboue Has Been Cursed By His Ex Girlfriend And He Has To Apologize To Her Or Keep Suffering — Kweku Bonsam


The case of Emmanuel Eboue is a spiritual issue based on a curse his ex-girlfriend placed on him, Ghanaian spiritualist Nana Kweku Bonsam has revealed.
The fullback promised to marry his Ivorian girlfriend but then dumped her when he moved abroad, which led her to curse him, leading to all his current woes.
Eboue recently revealed that he has lost all his money and belongings to his ex-wife following a divorce battle which he lost. The former Arsenal and Galatasary player has now been reduced to living in a friend’s house and with no money to his name.
Speaking on the issue, Kweku Bonsam said the whole thing is due to a curse placed on him by his ex, who he promised to marry then dumped.

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“Emmanuel Eboue is cursed by his ex-girlfriend and let me tell you that Eboue’s woes and downs in his life is as a result of the curse by his Ivorian ex-girlfriend whom he promised to marry but disappointed and dumped her so painfully.” Bonsam said on Kasapa Fm Tuesday.
“In fact the girl did so much for Eboue but it was unfortunate Eboue caused so much emotional pain to her and ended the relationship without any tangible reason. Eboue must be quick and render an unqualified apology to his ex-girlfriend or else what he is going through will worsen” he added.


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