HILARIOUS: Read BBC Pidgin's Take On Ghana's TV Licence Brouhaha

The BBC’s pidgin service continues to make people laugh with their take on trending issues in Africa.
Their latest story concerns the whole tv licence shambles currently engulfing Ghana where people are facing jail terms for simply not paying their tv licence fees.
Government has set up a court where defaulters would face prosecution, a development which has angered Ghanaians across board.
In their take on the incident, BBC pidgin manages to bring some humour to a very serious discussion.

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Read their post below…
Ghana: Government want jail over 2 million sake of TV license fee

 If you be Ghanaian wey 2017 inside tough give you den play dey your eyes top, year 2018 go hot like ‘akala’ sake of starting January 4, 2018, government set up 11 special TV license courts who go prosecute den jail people who dey watch TV falaaa but no want pay demma TV license fee.

Some people dey ask question like how dem go know say TV dey demma room inside? But dem forget say di antenna for di house top go expose dem. Bois wey dey fear jail too start dey find how dem go hide demma TV sets.
Ei check like di whole tin come spoil di new year celebrations, as people demma eye make red over di matter for social media. Ghana ein population dey around 27 million, but statistics on people wey get TV set dey show say over two million Ghanaians dey own TV sets.
Build more prisons sake of ‘yentua’
Despite di fact dat people fit go jail if dem no pay, some self start dey challenge government say make dem build bigger prisons sake of dem no go pay.
Some dey ask why corrupt government officials den politicians dey walk free after dem chop government money, Chief Justice shun demma matter, but ei want jail ordinary Ghanaians instead.
Dem go use police arrest ‘swervers’
Social media dey on fire over di matter wey chaw people dey talk ‘yentua’. But di state broadcaster, Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) who go collect di license money all say dem go work with Ghana Police Service make dem catch paddies wey no want pay demma license.
Make dem review dis license fee matter
Some social commentators wey support di current New Patriotic Party (NPP) make dem win 2016 General Elections too add demma voice. Kwame Aplus be one of the strong critics over di latest license fee collection.
Although di matter be serious, some paddies dey carry di matter relief demma stress koraaaa, dem no see di paa-paa wey GBC dey do sef.
Di Director-General for Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Dr. Akuffo Annor-Ntow reveal say di license fee collection sef go extend beyond TV sets to people wey dey watch TV for demma mobile devices like phones, den tablets top. Ghanaians dey hope say government go review dis approach of fining or jailing up to one year, but di authorities no speak yet.


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