When People Are In A Farting Contest How Can A Diarrhoea Patient Also Want To Join? — Chris-Vincent Descends On Afia Schwarzenegger For Hitting Out At Berla Mundi

Afia Shchwarzenegger has found the time to open her mouth and get embroiled in what is a spat between Yvonne Nelson and Berla Mundi – even though she is the last person in Ghana who should be engaging in such conversation.
There’s a popular Ghanaian proverb which says that if your neighbour’s beard is on fire, you fetch water and place it near yours. However, even though Afia’s beard has already burnt to ashes and the fire is now consuming other parts of her body, she has ignored her own fire and is shouting at others that their beards are on fire.
That’s the situation we find ourselves in right now. After Yvonne Nelson attacked Berla Mundi claiming she was sleeping with someone’s husband, Afia decided to inject herself into the whole saga.
She took things a notch higher this afternoon with another attack on Mundi, claiming she and her guests do not have the character to talk about her. She also claimed Berla Mundi was sleeping with two married men and rents clothes on credit in order to slay on tv.
GhanaCelebrities.Com Founding Editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has decided to wade into the controversy after many people online called on him to give his take.
In a simple message, Chris-Vincent attacks Afia’s standing to engage in such a debate — she is someone who has diarrhoea therefore cannot take part in a farting competition.

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We all saw Afia Schwarzenegger’s issue earlier this year where she blatantly cheated on the man she was married to, not to talk of her unenviable record set over the years.
Read Chris-Vincent Agyapong’s takedown of the certified weed smoker below…
I am not a moralist; anyone who knows me beyond social media would attest to the fact that I am highly morally corrupt–a hallmark of most libertarians.
Mostly, when you see me invoking morals, it’s being done to measure the standard of a subject with what he or she believes in, not what I really believe in or deem to be the standard.
But at least, I agree with the legal maxim which is mostly misconstrued, “he who comes into equity must come with clean hands.”
Afia Schwarzenegger, the most unreliable person as far truthtelling is concerned, a woman who was caught pants down in her matrimonial bed with another man is accusing a guest and Berla Mundi of GHONE’s Late Afternoon Show of a lot of things–and people are tagging me into her post, left, right and center.
Everybody can throw punches but Afia Schwarzenegger has in perpetuity lost every inherent right, either moral or legal, to point fingers at anyone in Ghana.
When people are gracefully engaging in farting competition, you that is suffering from diarrhoea has also pulled your panties down, ready to engage?
Madam, take the back seat! We all know who you are!
–Chris-Vincent Agyapong


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