AUDIO: Since I Left Praye All They're Doing Is 'Konko' Songs — Choirmaster

Choirmaster has once again attacked his former bandmates in Praye, claiming that without him in the group all the songs they’re doing are ‘konko’ songs.
The musician, who left the group years ago, has recently been embroiled in a war of words with the other two members.
Cartel Big J and Kente, the two members left in the group, claim the arrogance of Eugene Baah, aka Choirmaster, is what broke up the group. He also maintains that he left because the others were not adding anything to the group and instead bringing trouble all the time.
After hitting them on Instagram, Choirmaster has done it again, this time in a radio interview.
According to him, he did everything in the group and even if he goes back, he would still have to do everything once again. Yet instead of his colleagues recognizing that they are painting him black due to their own pride.

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He alleged that since he left they have been unable to do any kind of good track and only aligning themselves with the NPP in the last election has saved them.
Listen to a bitter Choirmaster attacking his former friends once again below…


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