How Can A Corrupt Man Like You Call For My Arrest For Not Paying Tv Licence? — A Plus Hits Former GBC Director General

Musician/comedian A Plus has derisively dismissed calls by a former Director-General of the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), William Ampem Darko, for him to be arrested for inciting the public against paying the tv licence fee.
Writing on social media, A Plus hit out at Darko for overseeing a regime filled with corruption at GBC yet now turning around to call for his arrest.
Speaking on TV3, Ampem Darko said if he was still Director General he would go after NDC MP Sam George and A Plus who have both called for the public not to pay the fee.
But in a blistering response, A Plus felt it ironic that someone who allegedly embezzled large sums of money and is still walking free has the nerve to call for his arrest for tv licence.

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“Former GBC director William Ampem Darko is calling for my arrest. ????? See this man ooo. You were sacked from GBC for financial mismanagement, Aka nyafunyafu chopping. Before you call for anyone’s arrest, ask EOCO to get you a copy of their report on your “gargantuan chop chop” during your time as GBC director, then ask yourself why you rather have not been arrested. I hear you stole all the money from GBC. You koraa you are walking free. You see why Kade people rejected you? Do you know Professor Aheto? You remember what he said about you in 2011? You are one of the major causes of GBC’s current state. If you were a Chinese you would have been hanged by now. You are an enemy of the state. Nation wrecker. You have to bow down your head in shame!!!” he wrote.


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