CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Yvonne Nelson’s Baby Father Will Ditch Her Soon—Claims A Single Mother Who Has Dated About 9 White Men & Has 3 Mixed Race Kids With Different Fathers

Keela Harrison, Jamie and Yvonne

Above all things, I want Jamie Roberts, the man Yvonne Nelson gave birth with out of wedlock to stay with Yvonne, for the sake of the child—and also, to help tame her aggressive bitterness and delusion that she’s better than every woman and deserves any more than it’s on her plate.
Moreover, I know Yvonne Nelson would want to give her daughter what she did not have around as a girl growing up—a father.
But a London-based Ghanaian friend, whom I’ve known for over 10 years and has enjoyed more than 9 short and long term relationships with white men and has 3 mixed race children of different fathers has loudly told me over a glass of Mojito that Yvonne Nelson seems to be naive when it comes to these “white men who are purposely into black woman”.
According to Naomi, there is a certain train of white men who have some sort of fetish to be with only black women and those are not cut for long term relationships. And that, from looking at the photos Keela Harrison, the Nigerian woman Jamie married that Yvonne Nelson is alleged to have snatched him from, it’s apparent “what this white boy wants”—tall legs, slim body and Instagram type of black women.
“Such white men hang around at black folks’ night clubs and bars and only date black women. Mostly, there is a hidden self-fulfilling motive and my experience has taught me that, they are not cut for long term relationships,” Naomi said as she picked a floating leaf out of her drink.
Yvonne Nelson’s rival-Keela Harrison Roberts

She continued: “I’ve gotten to a stage where I can spot them from a mile away; they would travel to Africa, searching for what they call their African Queen or Empress. They mostly use some weird phrases, often part of the Rastafarian lingo, to show they are into the African culture. And they have a particular type they always go for.”

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Despite challenging Naomi that I am not a man into stereotyping, she erected a counter argument that, “therefore, when a white man somewhat stereotypes black women and decides to only find love or sex with them—and with a certain obvious kind, that should tell you there’s an underlying problem with such a person or the relationships she gets into.”
From her over a decade experience of hitting the bedroom with white men in London, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, Naomi was confident that she knew what she was talking about and in a matter of fewer than 24 months we will hear that the relationship being served to the world on social media has ended.

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Love comes in different shapes, colours and modes but does not mean we are not allowed to have preferences as to what we seek, want and desire. But Naomi argued that; “love should be able to catch you wherever and with whoever, if you’ve conditioned yourself to go out there looking for a type, and claiming to fall in love with a type, that love never settles.”
And the bubbly, perhaps, paranoid Naomi said she has a clear trait that gives these white men who are solely into back women for moments out—that’s, they are mostly jobless or are not into any properly defined jobs. “They claim to be painters, musicians, photographers, travellers or models,” she stated.

Yvonne Nelson

When I probed to find out what she thinks the obsessions of these sort of people she claims to have met with black women are, she said; “it’s mostly individualistic but generally a fetish.” Whatever that means, I couldn’t get it any better than captured here.
There was a second layer of the conversation that I sort of agreed with because of how things have played out so far.
Naomi stated that, the mere fact that Jamie and Yvonne Nelson wanted to hide their relationship, followed by an expose that pushed Jamie to make her Instagram account private and the two having suddenly started serving everything on SnapChat and Instagram indicate that, the relationship is significantly vulnerable—“these two are just reacting to popular opinion and such relationships do not normally last.”

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As she struggled to find any drops of Mojito in her glass through her bent straw, I said to her; “time will tell and if it happens, I would probably owe you another glass for your experience and smart prediction.”
She replied: “it wouldn’t be even two years—you know where to find me, Chris.”

Jamie and Keela’s wedding


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