Empress Gifty Osei Who Has Failed To Fly A Blogger She Promised To Fly To The U.S Is On Instagram Flaunting Hair And Huge Sunglasses That Can Pass For Goggles

It is either gospel artiste, Gifty Osei otherwise known as Empress Gifty has no good friends or is heeding not to any advice (that is if there is any) served her by people around here because one does not need any pristine gift to know the woman is overdoing herself.
Gifty Who is at the mercy of public ridicule for “mouth marketing” her mouth to fly a blogger abroad for his efforts in the media has since not fulfilled that promise and is on social media flaunting her hair.
These so-called celebs can be extremely shameless when they want to be. I wrote last month that Gifty is struggling so much to stay relevant on Instagram and it does not look like bringing a halt to that needless display on Instagram as part of her new year resolutions.
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Today our Empress instead of finding means to fulfil the promise she made to someone with no provocation is on Instagram moving her body and nodding her head like a lizard lying prostrate.


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