Giving Your January Salary To Your Pastor As A 'First Fruit' Is The Stupidest Thing You Can Do


Nigerian on-air personality and terror of the country’s corrupt pastors, Ifedayo Olarinde, popularly known as Daddy Freeze, has hit out at Nigerians who start the year off by carting off their first salary to their pastor’s as ‘first fruit’.
The ‘first fruit’ is a practice by many churches in Nigeria where congregants give their entire January salary over to the church — it is meant to set the tone for the year as the giver trusts the Lord to use that to bless the rest of the year for them in a ‘bigly’ way, as the current POTUS would say.
However Freeze, who has been on a crusade against pastors exploiting their congregations for a while now, a crusade which has earned him death threats from pastors, says anyone who does that is foolish.
“Giving your January salary to a pastor as first fruit is foolishness and it is sinful,” he wrote on his favourite medium, Instagram.

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Nigerian actress Omotola Ekeinde replied that she had never heard of it and was shocked that anyone would do something like that.
“Really? People drop their January salary? Hearing this for the first time.” she wrote, to which Freeze replied: “omo sexy mi! Happy new year! All the time even people who are paid less than 30k a month”


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