Gospel Singer Gifty Osei Promised To Fly One Blogger To The U.S For Holidays When Nobody Forced Her But She's Failed To Do So

Gifty Osei

Gospel singer Gifty Osei, aka Empress Gifty, is the subject of ridicule after writing a check with her mouth which her bank account couldn’t cash.
Osei promised last year during her celebration of a decade in music to sponsor one ‘lucky’ blogger to travel to the United States of America on holiday to recognize their contribution to her over the years.
The promise was made in August, during a special dinner at the African Regent Hotel. It was supposed to be fulfilled before the end of 2017.

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However, 2017 has come and gone and nothing has been heard about this promise anymore. Perhaps Osei is hoping everyone will forget and move on with their lives.
Our celebrities love doing ‘big’ things in public which their bank accounts almost always cannot live up to. Didn’t mama ever teach them not to write checks their a$$es can’t cash?


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