John Mahama's Government Attempted To Print Ghc 1bn Worth Of New Currency To Buy Votes To Win Election 2016 — REPORT

President Mahama

A sensational new report from the Daily Guide newspaper chronicles a desperate ploy by the ousted NDC government led by John Dramani Mahama to use illegal means to win the 2016 elections.
According to the paper, the NDC hatched and tried to execute a plan to print Ghc 1bn in new currency which was to be used to buy votes and facilitate “other matters bordering on criminality.”
According to the report however, the plan was foiled when Crane, the official printer of Ghana’s currency in Europe, refused to get involved as they felt the entire deal was too shady and looked like a criminal enterprise.
Citing sources familiar with the deal, the Daily Guide claims a middleman was used by government to facilitate the deal, a Nigerian known as Lukman Lawal.
Lawal met officials from Crane numerous times in Geneva and London, but they refused to approve the deal. The plan was for the money to be flown into Ghana surreptitiously on Lawal’s private jet to evade customs.
The NDC government, headed by John Dramani Mahama, lost the last Presidential elections comprehensively to the New Patriotic Party headed by Nana Akufo-Addo. Mahama became the first President in Ghana’s fourth republic kicked out of office after only one term.
According to the Daily Guide, the party would have held onto power by flooding the system with money if the deal had not fallen through.
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