PYPER-PEBBLES Writes: Bad S£x Is A Waste Of Sin, No One Deserves A Night Of Awkward Movements, Sloppy Ki$$es And Ultimately Disappointing S£x

blankIf there is any other thing that feels better than orgasm, it probably would be laughter and that is even debatable. I will leave those who are still insistent on the “relationships do not thrive on s*x” to put this card on the same table with the Tv license saga because both are arguments I can bet my last farting on that I won’t win.
Truth be told, bad s*x is a waste of sin. I mean why waste so much time in an unorchestrated sweaty encounter with one dude whose only mission is to pull down his boxer shorts, slide in, hump and jerk off like a drilling machine.?
If that was the case, if we just wanted to get sweaty and waste our time— then we are all in the known that nothing beats this two than hitting the gym and asking a toothless grandmother to thread a needle respectively. I have had to break up with a promising young man and for what is worth a potential husband all because his s*x game was close to zero.
In fact that guy’s libido and drive best describes the law of diminishing returns and no amount of generosity I employed was enough to save him. In the end, I had to let him go, I was not running an NGO to have pity on a s*xually deprived individual like that.
When I hear people talk about how they had to endure some wack s*x because they were all too shy to say what they wanted or generally flaunting their holier than thou cloak, I immediately wish there were shops selling common sense so I have them some on credit.
Sadly, people especially our Ghanaians would not want to hear anything s*x related and once you tow that lane, a price tag with a brand is placed on you. My question is why subject yourself to such avoidable slavery when you can be having multiple orgasms.?
Any s*xual bout that leaves a bile on the tongue of either one of the partners is bad s*x—whether you hit cum or not. S*x is only s*x when there is utmost syncing and all involved enjoy from start to finish and that is not rocket science. It happens!
As they have put it, why trade temporary pleasure for permanent regrets. It is and will never be awkward to say no to a guy or lady who would just come and waste your time in bed when there are cool s*xual toys capable of taking you to the very zenith of orgasm.
Not only is bad s*x frustrating, it is a waste of sin as well and my sanctimonious friends can sleep with me in the same bed with this one.
I mean if it must be done, it must be done impeccably well. Having s*x before marriage is a sin so if you are going to sin, you might as well sin well and not waste that.
Beyond this, you can always get a toy and help yourself when needy. I called Chris-Vincent to talk about a toy he gave me and you would want to hear the story.
We all deserve a good cum.


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