Deputy Attorney General Also Describes 'One Corner' As Demonic — Vows To Crack Down On It

Member of Parliament for Tempane and Deputy Attorney General  Joseph Dindiok Kpemka has become the latest person to describe Patapaa’s ‘One Corner’ song as a demonic song which is leading the youth of the country astray.
Joseph Kpemka slammed the Patapaa song as a bad influence on the youth, making even children dance s*xually suggestive dances.
Many prominent Ghanaians have attacked the song and its associated dance, including KKD, Prophet Kumchacha and more recently, Maame Dokono.
The latest to add his voice is the minister cum legislator from Tempane.
“It is a demonic dance,” moaned the Deputy Attorney General. “I have watched several videos in which children engage in this dance in a manner as to tell me that the future is bleak for us. And I’m saying this because the young ones are easily influenced by some of these things. Especially when it happens in the night— they engage in all sorts of vices that are detrimental to their growth and progress”. the minister heatedly said.
According to him, he intends to lobby for laws to be put in place to crack down on the song and its eroding moral influence.

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“As MP, I intend to liaise with my DCE (District Chief Executive) and the chiefs so that we institute some byelaws in the assembly to check these excesses and to make sure that our children are well moulded. We cannot in the name of human rights allow our culture to deteriorate and allow society to go into such vices that would be a nuisance to us in future in the name of human rights.
“There is a limit to every right that is exercised under the sun. There is no right that is without limit. Every privilege goes with a responsibility and we will make sure that we use the traditional authorities, assembly members as well as opinion leaders to ensure that such things do not happen in our area,” he added.


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