Shatta Wale Bragged His Fans Would Stop Wizkid From Performing In Ghana — Yet Wizkid Performed And Shatta Was The One 'Stopped' From Performing

Arrogance is a trait that most great people have in common, but the smart ones know when to display it and when not to.
Shatta Wale aka ‘Gbee Naabu’ is not very smart. He lashes out at everyone and everything whenever he feels like, and whilst the controversy sells his brand and keeps his fans happy, he’s never going to be able to earn that level of respect handed out to truly great stars.
It’s why Shatta Wale (and other Ghanaian artists) where disrespected so nonchalantly Thursday night during the annual CAF Awards night held in our very own capital city of Accra.
Last year, at the height of his one sided feud with Wizkid, Shatta Wale threatened him, telling him that he should apologize to Nana Akufo-Addo for his fans insults or the Shatta Movement would disrupt his performance when he does come to Ghana.
Yet, last night, Wizkid was the one who performed without any hitches on stage and Shatta Wale, who had also been billed, did not turn up.
It’s unclear at the moment what led to his no-show but whatever it is, his threat has been shown for the empty threat it was and Wizkid has stamped his authority on Shatta as the real ‘superstar’ whose every need organizers catered to.
Sometimes it pays to be humble, even if you see yourself on a certain level, and let others blow your trumpet for you. Wizkid with silence has put Shatta at his level, and all of Shatta’s plenty talk could not accomplish anything for him.


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