FB Drama: Lady Claims She Chopped A Guy In His Car But The Guy Denies It – Calls Her A Witch And Threatens Her


Some boss chick drama has ‘pai’ again on social media involving a lady who apparently has a big mouth and a guy accused of chopping this certified gossip lady in his car.
Following the Akosua Sika drama we haven’t had any better beef on social media but this is the day things change.
Per what we’ve picked up so far, one Angel Agbetornyo is the lady who likes to run her mouth very much. She told a few friends that she had s*x with a guy known as Sparrow Gh in his car. This s*x involved him eating her pu$$y for 20-30m straight and he ‘cumin’ within seconds of penetration.
This pissed off Sparrow who went on Facebook to ‘debunk’ the ‘allegations’ against him as obviously his s*x credibility was on the line.
He claimed Angel called her friends to tell them the story about their car s*x rounds then got angry at him claiming he spread the story. He dissed her as a witch and said she will pay for what she’s done.
Agbertonyo has reportedly deactivated her Facebook account due to the escalating drama.
Follow the story in the screenshots below…



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