The Jigga Stone Ready To Become The Cornerstone: Meet JIGGA STONE — The Next Big Hiphop Sensation To Come Out Of Ghana

The cornerstone as a term has existed for millennia but became extremely popularized due to its use in the Christian Bible, where a supposed rejected stone rose up to become the cornerstone.
It denotes the backbone of something, the one entity on which everything rests and without which the whole system would come tumbling down.
From humble beginnings in Dansoman City (DC) to his current sojourn in Aatler, Belgium, one stone has been working his whole life to become the cornerstone on which the entire Ghanaian music industry would rest.Samuel Kwesi Osei was born in DC on the 24th of June in 1985, with music seemingly embedded in his DNA. Throughout his childhood and teenage years, Osei was drawn to music, be it singing or rapping, and he always proved quite adept at it too.
He had his early education in his birth city, receiving his JHS certificate at the Dansoman JHS. Despite his lifelong love for the arts, it was at Senior High School that his talent really blossomed and the Stone was really born.
Attending Cape Coast Secondary Technical School (CAPETECH), his talent really shone out from the beginning and his musical identity began to truly emerge. Christened Stone by his friends, he was known as the one to go to for everything musical and he wowed all with his rapping and singing talent.
Along with other musically inclined colleagues, Stone used to visit the nearby Adisadel College (Adisco) to partake in singing competitions, rap battles and other forms of entertainment events open to SHS students.
In his final year in school, Stone was elected Entertainment Prefect in recognition of his status as the campus’ premier musical talent.

Having set down the road fully towards music, there was nothing else the young Kwesi Osei was interested in doing after completing Senior High. He travelled to Belgium soon after to join his father where he kept his musical career alive by performing in clubs and other venues for underground artists looking to blow up. He performed in some of Belgium’s biggest clubs, at notable festivals like the annual ‘Paulo’s Feast’, among others.
The next step in his evolution was to form a musical group with his good friend which they dubbed ‘Cash & Stone’, with Cash singing and Stone rapping. They were together for two years during which they released a single ‘Count on Me’. The single was a moderate success and brought the duo into the spotlight.
They amicably split up after, as both felt they could do much better as single stars, and that was the birth of Jigga Stone.
Embarking on a solo journey for the first time in his commercial career, it was crucial for Osei to rebrand and move away from his former persona. However, staying true to your lifelong identity is crucial, thus he kept the ‘Stone’ which had been his identifying name for most of his life and tweaked it with the addition of Jigga.

Since going solo, things have been looking up for the young star, having dropped his first single in 2017 titled ‘Onie Bakome’ (One and Only), which featured OB Yaw and was produced by ATAA productions in Brussels. The song introduces Jigga Stone to the world as a force to watch out for in the coming years.
Jigga Stone — Onie Bakome [Download]

‘Onie Bakome’ has excited Stone’s fan base all across Belgium, Ghana and the UK. The banger is catchy and displays all the lyrical dexterity of the rising hiphop/afrorap star.
He is currently working on the official music video to the single, which should be dropping soon!
Jigga Stone’s main inspiration is the legendary rapper Shawn Carter, known professionally as Jay-Z. He is someone he seeks to emulate in style, content and eventually, status.
Outside music, Jigga Stone works with an air conditioning company in Belgium.

A whole new wave of talented artists are coming through, ready to take over from the established order and make their own mark.
In this life, nothing comes easy, and those who want something must take it with force since the status quo is never ready to accept any change.
These new breed of stars are takers, and they deserve the support of the public not just for their talent, but for the persistence and insistence.
GhanaCelebrities.Com have been profiling a few of these stars over the past months and this has been the story of Samuel Kwesi Osei – the Jigga Stone set to become the Cornerstone.


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