TWITTER STORIES: A Wife Reproached Before Her Family And Pastor For Giving Her Husband A Head; Husband Insists She Tells Where She Learnt From

For the fear of being called spoilt and branded too much of a s*xual being, a lot of women are rather not forthcoming when the subject of s*x and anything that comes with it is being discussed.
That is where they wear full the armour of obtuseness and act all coy. The few who are all out are the very one who does not give a rat ass to anyone and their perception of them.Apparently, this issue has been taken into the bedrooms. With respect to our culture, women are expected to be passive during any s*xual encounter.
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I bet men would not mind if you lie down aloof like a vegetable and open your leg for them to have your way. In line with all the technological advancement and civilization, some women have still not broken this mental bondage.
One woman is facing what probably would be her all-time embarrassment before her pastor and family all because she gave her husband a blowjob.
This follows a conversation started by one male Twitter user who was trying to justify why men cheat in marriages and relationships.
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