6 Ghana Police Officers Flee Robbery Scene Leaving The Victim At The Mercy Of The Armed Robbers

This is what our taxpayer money is paying for — incompetent buffoons whose only utility is taking bribes from us to add to their gargantuan salaries.
Six police officers recently left a civilian driver to his fate after he specifically drove up to their barrier for protection.
According to a mynewsgh report, the police officers are stationed at the Tema Steel Works junction.
On Sunday, a person in a Toyota Corolla vehicle driving around that area realized a group of armed robbers were tailing his car and therefore drove to the police junction hoping they would be able to scare the armed robbers away.
However, the officers on station were reportedly unarmed, therefore when the armed robbers fired warning shots they simply took to their heels and fled.

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The armed robbers then came out and carried out their robbery without any fear – they reportedly made away with a large sum of money the victim was carrying.
After the robbery, the unashamed officers returned and explained that they were unarmed and that was why they run away to protect their lives.
Ghana Police Service — service with integrity!


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