S£x For JOB: HR Manager Of A Company Exposed After Demanding S£x From Female Applicant Before Employing Her

It’s only a short while ago that we highlighted on this website the real struggle women in Ghana go through in just looking for jobs.
It seems like a lot of pigs have packed themselves into powerful positions and use the desperation of many women to find jobs to satisfy their libidos.
This shameless acts go on all the time, as has been exposed in a recent post by a Facebook user who faced a similar situation.
Deborah Indiana applied for a job and the HR of the company reached back to her and plainly told her that she can get the job in exchange for her body.
In his words — “give me s*x, good s*x” and he’ll make sure the job is hers.

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Indiana told him off for his actions and shared shots of the conversation for all to see.
She captioned the photos…

This is what women going through everyday just bc we’re looking for a job I’m just on my own this morning and this man according to him he’s the HR I saw the email online and applied that was last year I’ve even forgotten but I stored the number when he message I thought is he an agent and this is what he told me. I didn’t fuck anyone to get the job I have right now neither will I fuck anyone to get a better one (bc of vexation instead of I to write upstairs I go write upset) this is the second time I have been asked for sex for a job I didn’t accept. When we were done chatting I thought to myself I’m not the only that submitted a cv so if he sleeps with the ones that accept what will he check/consider before he employs one of them ??

Check out the conversation below…
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