Tonto Dikeh Getting All Emotional With Her Son This Morning Got Us All In Tears (Must Read)

Nigeria’s finest, Tonto Dikeh is a doting mother in every sense of the word— the least chance she gets and she puts the adorable son all up in our faces.
School just reopened for kids and Tonto is not loving the atmosphere already as her son would have to leave for school and that means less mother and son moments.
The excited mother took to Instagram to share all her nostalgic feelings and how she bonded with him over the past weeks. Read what she wrote below.
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“It’s the First day of school(for the new term). And a very emotional day for me too, Over the holidays we(KING & I) were all alone(Workers took their annual break).
“Kind and I bonded on so many different levels, I got to learn a lot for and from my son as we bonded. Our souls TRUELY became one, Our hearts beat in uniform, I feel his hurt from miles away, I hear his voice before he even speaks…”
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It’s the First day of school(for the new term)•• And a very emotional day for me too,Over the holidays we(KING & I) were all alone(Workers took their annual break). King and I bonded in so many different levels,I got to learn a lot for and from my son as we bonded..Our souls TRUELY became one,Our hearts beat in uniform,I feel his hurt from miles away,I hear his voice before he even speaks…In my sleep he is my only dream☺️ The Love we share is a Love so special it makes me cry,I understand every facial expression in his face,I understand when he wants what he wants… Not forgetting I played like never before this holiday because I was his(KINGS) only available play Guide.. Yesterday I was busy telling king I can’t wait for him to go back to school cos he broke a stand🤨 but waking up today am so tearful and jealous.. Tearful because I would truly miss him for those 6-7hours he is in school,I will miss his worries,laugher,cries,hugs,disturbance,play,gist most especially his love etc Jealous because after spending so much time with my baby alone,Am jealous of his teachers for spending that time and sharing his awesomeness with me lol(ya am a MOMster🤪) but am also very grateful to all his teachers,head teachers and his School.. It’s amazing how intelligent,Smart and bright JUICYMAN is,Thanks for the amazing job you do for my Kid.. I LOVE MY SON,I LOVE MY SON,THIS HOLIDAY WAS TRULY SPECIAL💃🏻💋🎅🏼❤️❤️🙌🏻🎂💎🎄💐🧖🏼‍♀️💆🏼‍♀️🤗🙈🤗 I pray for every child using Juicyman as a point of contact that “As they(kids) go back to school May they be open to learn,May the wisdom of God be upon them as the require,May the lord jealously protect them from harms way and evil ones..That as they go may they also come back to us heal and hearty Ijn..May the eyes of the wicked not see them.i cover their food,water with the blood of Jesus.. May they not carry any negativity from anyone back home Ijn,May the be safe and happy Ijn amen.. #Time to kick back #KINGTONTO #MAMAKING #RADICAL4JESUS #SUPERWOMAN #HAPPYMAMA #PROUDMAMA #PLAYGROUP #KINGY STARTED SCHOOL AT 8/9MONTHS #SUPER SMART ASS KID 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻🤣#BACKTOSCHOOL #NEWYEAR #EXCITED #HAPPYBABY #HAPPYMAMA #HAPPYHOME

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