I Can't Lie To Ghanaians — Says Former President John Dramani Mahama

If you can believe it – former President John Dramani Mahama says he is someone who is unable to lie to Ghanaians just for the purposes of gaining political power.
The former President, speaking to NDC functionaries over the weekend, said that he was not brought up to lie, and as a Christian he knows only the truth can get one into the gates of heaven.
“If you look at the kind lies peddled about me because of political power…. I was not born to lie to Ghanaians because of political power”, Mahama said, referring to the NPP.
“I remember when the issue of DKM came, NPP lied that the company was for me and my wife Lordina. They claimed when they come into power they will take the money from us and pay the victims. They are in power today and should check if the company is for us, they should arrest and jail us”, he said.

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The former President characterized the NPP as a party full of serial liars whom the truth would catch up to one day.
“There is only one gate to heaven not two but before you can gain entrance you will have to rely on the single truth. I was not brought up to lie because of politics. When you lie once, you need several of them to cover up for the initial ones so you keep lying to deceive Ghanaians .You can lie your way  to power but you cannot lie to govern because the truth shall surely expose you one day”, he opined.


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