John Dumelo Brands A Twitter Follower 'Kwasia' For Saying He Is Enjoying NDC's 'Create, Loot & Share'

Calling followers ‘fools’ is gradually seeping into the vocabulary of several of our celebrities as the trolls are always around to make your day go south.
After Nana Aba Anamoah, the latest to lash out at a follower with the tag of ‘sia’ is actor John Dumelo, the NDC darling boy turned farmer/cattle rearer.
Dumelo has been making noise about his number of cattle recently, promising they would triple in a year’s time. One fan was not amused with that statement and hit him on his political connection to NDC and his infamous V8 scandal.
“NDC bee give u oo. From V8s to Cattles. wow! NDC politics, Create! loot! and share!” the follower wrote.
Now obviously John Dumelo can never be happy when his V8 matter is brought up, so he hit out at the author of the tweet, describing him as a fool.

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“Yeah, we created the cattle, looted the cattle and shared all the beef. Sia”
This V8 issue always touches a raw nerve with John. Maybe next time you just don’t use a state vehicle and no one can have that to hold over your head.


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