Lebanese Rapist Rabih Haddad Pleads For Bail With Claim He Has A Heart Problem

Rabih Haddad, the Lebanese national currently standing trial for raping a teenage househelp, has applied for bail on health grounds citing a heart condition.
In court today (Tuesday), his lawyer argued that a heart condition plaguing the suspect necessitated him being let out on bail.
Lawyer Ralph Opoku Adusei said his client had the medical reports to back up his claim of illness. He also said as the sole breadwinner of his family, he poses no risk of going on the run.
Lawyer Adusei also said his client is willing to hand over his passport.
For the state, prosecuting attorney Boateng Adamu said the accused was a foreigner with no fixed residence and would interfere with the investigation if released therefore he should be remanded in custody.
Presiding judge Justice Kofi Dorgu adjourned the case to January 15th, when he would rule on the bail application.
Rabih Haddad was arrested in December last year for allegedly raping his Ghanaian househelp, a 19 year old who he forcibly took advantage of then threw her out his house.


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