"One Of The Worst Mistakes Is To Marry Because All Your Mates Are Marrying"- Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri

The thirst to get married is so real and exasperating especially in a society where family and friends would literally poke their noses in your situation and allow you no air to breathe.
If you have the same ideals in life like me, you probably won’t give a rat ass to any of the undue pressure people mount on people when they are nearing their marital age or beyond it.
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A friend asked me one time if I am not ashamed or disturbed when I see the friends in my circle getting married— I did not even think twice to answer him.
The only thing that gets me disturbed and worried is money was my immediate reply. Loud-mouthed lawyer and author, Reno Omokri say no one should subject themselves to marriage just because their friends are getting married.
Reno says it is not worth it and I sleep with him on this one. He wrote on Twitter.

“One of the worst mistakes is to marry because all your mates are marrying. Run your own race. Don’t race with others. Marry when you are ready. And if you are never ready, it is okay too. You don’t have to marry to have a successful life




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