Angel Agbetornyo — Fb Slay Queen Who Got Into Trouble For Claiming A Guy Ate Her Pu$$y For 30m And The Guy Denied Has Finally Spoken Out — Says She Was Just Kidding

Angel Agbetornyo

Angel Agbetornyo, the fb slay queen who got into trouble for claiming she had s*x with a guy in her car and the guy came out to deny, has finally come out to speak about what happened.
Agbetornyo made headlines a few days ago when chats she had with a female friend where leaked in which she was bragging about banging a guy known as Sparrow Gh.
She said the guy sucked her pu$$y for 20-30m in the car and after she f*cked him, although he came within seconds of entering the promised land.
The guy, Sparrow, came out vehemently to deny all that and said Angel would pay for spreading those rumours about him banging her.
The lady deactivated her facebook account during all that drama but has now spoken out and attempted to clear the air.
According to her, she was only kidding when she passed those comments and that she was teasing the other lady she was chatting with, who had told her she had a crush on Sparrow.

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She also explained that the chat was a year old and she was sure the other lady leaked it just to cause trouble for her.
Read her leaked chats with a friend explaining everything below…


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