Anas Aremeyaw Anas Renders Apology To Families Of His Expose' Culprits

The world-class investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has rendered an apology to families of his expose’ culprits at an event meant to deliberate on the relevance of the media in the development of northern Ghana.
The undercover journalist rendering his apology said:

“I know some of you are not happy because I’ve dealt with some of your relatives. I will apologise. I’m sorry. But it was necessary because the impact on the lives of other people cannot be measured. It could happen to anybody. Fairness is a very important ingredient that would lead to our country developing. Lack of this element is a straight way to chaos.
“So, when we set off for that mission to film or to investigate, let none of you thinks that it’s for selfish interest. Who says it is enjoyable standing in front of you wearing a mask? I would love to have removed it to speak to you, but it’s not a bed of roses.”

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The event which was held at the Akayet Hotel was graced by Manasseh Azure Awuni, one of Ghana’s vocal investigative journalist and Rev Eastwood Anaba, celebrated preacher and Founder of the Fountain Gate Chapel.
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Anas Aremeyaw Anas concluded by saying, “My kind of journalism is extreme and I can see that from your faces. I do what I do because I’m a product of my society. Everything I do is what has been mirrored back to me by you. I think that we have an extreme disease. I see myself as an extreme remedy. And I can say, with all these years of work, that extreme remedies are the most appropriate for extreme diseases. I belong to the remedy. I define Journalism by looking at the problems that my people have. That is how I define my Journalism.”


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