Sports Journalist Nana Agyemang Wants Ghana To Legalize Weed So He Can Make Money From It

Ace sports journalist Nana Agyemang, a veteran on Ghanaian tv screens, has joined calls for the legalization of marijuana in Ghana.
According to him, the plant has many benefits, both monetary and medicinal, and that Ghanaians hatred of it is simply because it has been bastardized.
The conversation over the legalization of marijuana is one that comes up every once in a while, with many public figures having thrown their weight behind it. However, it still remains an unpopular subject among Ghanaians.
Speaking in a recent interview, Agyemang said if the plant is legalized, he could acquire a licence to grow it and make money exporting it.
“I want a licence where I can grow cannabis legitimately and export it to other countries who have a proper research and development department that can turn this into serious medicine to help us all and generate revenue for government through taxes.” he said.

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“I think we need to take a second look and have a national debate because there is a serious lack of understanding. Cannabis has been bastardised as something that Rastafarians just put in there and smoke [but] it is much more than that,”
He added: “Marijuana is a very important plant, that can help us even sustain our lives much longer. If you smoke it sometimes it can deal with other ailments that people are suffering from,”


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