CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: I Told Becca—Don’t Ever Drink Condensed Milk and She Said Piss Off


Ghanaian musician, Becca, has become exceptionally light, overnight.
The musician whose song “African Woman” sort of became a theme melody for a lot of Ghanaian women when it was released and subsequently showcased her beautifully moderate chocolate colour in a video for the song has been making headlines in the last few days because she has become super light.
Most of the comments so far are based on her recent social media photos and with a widespread use of filters on various social media platforms, it can be argued that she has not really changed in complexion—rather, filters are at work.
But I saw her a few months ago and I can confirm that what’s being presented on social media is exactly what she has become. Probably, there are real-life filters that I do not know of.
I came across Becca at the 2017 Ghana Meets Naija in London and if not for my wife’s insistence that it was her, later confirmed by a friend and a close look, I would have taken her for a mixed race woman, one of the many in London.
That’s how much Becca, the “African woman” has changed in complexion. She’s almost like the colour of Joselyn Dumas—and this is not a hyperbole.

A source closed to Becca in a conversation said; “I was shocked the last time I saw her too. It’s really sad how she has changed in complexion, this quick.”
Interestingly, Becca is not the first and wouldn’t be the last Ghanaian Celebrity to arrive at a point in life where a change in complexion, either through contemporary super-effective bleaching creams capable of even bleaching the anus or taking of dangerous pills would seem as a prudent option to whatever they seek.
It’s less difficult when the uneducated folks like Ama Boahemaa, who argued heaven and hell that her change in complexion was not as a result of bleaching but intake of condensed milk actually do this to their skin.
Ama Boahemaa

But it becomes extensively problematic to comprehend when those deemed as literates such as Becca suddenly become fair, with the only plausible explanation being bleaching or skin lightening.
Becca wouldn’t come out to accept that she’s bleaching or lightening up. Yvonne Nelson didn’t when she had a stint with skin lightening some years back.
However, something seems to work in Ghana–public bashing can be credited as what compelled Yvonne Nelson to end whatever she was doing to her skin and it can cause Becca to re-evaluate the shameful path she has taken.
Becca is adequately aware of the dangers of skin lightening or bleaching and more also, by a public figure of her standing.

Mans NOT HOT!!! @michaeldapaah_ l absolutely love him!!!! 1+2 is 3 and that is simple math!! #beccahearts? #beccaHeart? #AfricaWoman

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Therefore, she has not changed her complexion out of ignorance. It’s far from that: it’s probably because of a deep-seated inferiority complex which education and exposure couldn’t eliminate. In such a case; advice wouldn’t work much–moderate ridicule by society may be the solution.
Of course, I’ve tried: I once told her not to ever drink any condensed milk following Ama Boahemaa’s discovery of its skin-changing properties. But she didn’t listen, rather she’s binging it down her throat.




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