'Flaunting What I Have Does Not Mean I'm For Sale' — Read Moesha Boduong's 'Letter' To Society

Curvy actress with no roles Moesha Boduong has a strong message for Ghanaian society – flaunting what I got doesn’t mean I’m for sale.
The Insta model who makes a living from posting mostly semi n*de and n*de pics is pissed that people use those pictures to form an opinion of her as a cheap sl*t exploiting her body for fame.
I mean, she can publicly expose her body anytime she wants but how dare you judge her based on that!
Moesha posted a letter of sorts to Ghanaian society on Instagram, complaining about hypocrisy and double standards among Ghanaians.

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She wrote:

“Dear society ,being curvy is not a crime and me deciding to flaunt what I have does not mean I am for sale or I am a cheap girl ,really can we cut the hypocrisy already ,the same thing a slim girl will do and get away with it. Ladies dress sexy for themselves and not for attention or for a man to like them .Let’s stop body shaming”

Hello Ghana — stop body shaming. Lol.


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