Prophet Badu Kobi — I Prophesied On Shatta Wale's Sticker In My Car And That Made Him Popular

Shatta Wale

Shatta Wale is only as popular as he is now due to prophecy and not due to any hustling he did or any special talent he possesses.
That’s according to the Rev Prophet Badu Kobi, leader of the Glorious Wave Church.
The prophet, who claims to see everything in prophecy, says a few years ago he prophesied on a Shatta Wale sticker in his car and voila – he became popular across the globe.
“I prophesied on his [Shatta Wale’s] sticker in my car and since then he is well known across the globe.” he said on UTV.
“I made him popular. It was just his sticker I used,”

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Towards the end of last year, after Multimedia journalist KABA died, Kobi claimed he saw the death and warned KABA about it but he did not listen.
After his son also died a few weeks later, he also claims to have seen it beforehand, claiming God told him it was a test.


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