(Video) Manasseh Azure Awuni Describes Martin Amidu's Appointment As Special Prosecutor As The Craziest Presidential Appointment Ever In The History Of Ghana

President Nana Akufo Addo

One of Ghana’s loudmouthed journalist, Manasseh Azure Awuni has written a long letter to President Akufo Addo describing his appointment of Martin Amidu as the special prosecutor as the craziest presidential appointment ever.
Below is what Manasseh Azure Awuni wrote:
Dear President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo,

“I have not touched base with you this year because certain tight schedules have kept me busy I have lot of outstanding issues to discuss with you. I wanted to send you my new year’s message. Then on the 7th of January, I felt a strong urge to write to you on the first anniversary since you took office as President of our dear republic. I have been too busy and a bit lazy to do that, but your latest appointment has relegated all other businesses to the background. And I cannot resist sending you this letter.
I have written in the past and told you how disappointed I was with your handling of some issues in our republic, mainly the madness of your party’s vigilante groups, your appointment of 110 ministers and deputy ministers, the irresponsible attitude of your government towards the Kumasi Academy deaths and the manner in which you dealt with some allegations of corruption in your administration. Your handling of the BOST scandal left much to be desired. And the indiscretion of your visit to Jospong and unfortunate statement you made there, did not go down well with many well-meaning Ghanaians.
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Mr. President, my disappointment over these issues, which I wrote strongly about, is not because you have lowered the bar of governance, generally speaking. It is because the standards to which I hold you are higher than that of any other leader in our fourth republic. I’m not alone. I know many Ghanaians who have said, “If Akufo-Addo fails us, then we are doomed.”
Those disappointments notwithstanding, I have had moments to be proud as a Ghanaian since you took over the affairs of Ghana. For the first time since you took over, I have decided to point out some of these issues in the area of corruption and encourage you to do more.
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It was clear that you and your government had agreed that former President Mahama should keep the official residence of the Vice-President as he had demanded. But Ghanaians objected to it. Your government listened. And when the former President realised it was becoming too embarrassing to hold on to that request, he withdrew his interest.

The issue of illegal mining or galamsey had become a national security threat. The government did not act because politicians, chiefs and other powerful individuals were deeply involved. When the media launched a serious campaign against galamsey, you listened. They threatened to vote against you in the next election if you stopped them, but you called their bluff and launched Operation Vanguard. The fight against galamsey is being taken more seriously than ever.
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Mr. President, one of your greatest achievements, was your insistence that the fraudulent tow levy contract be discontinued. Knowing the kinds of forces behind that deal, it was a moment of enormous victory those of us opposed to it when your government listened to the protest of Ghanaians and directed that the law backing it be repealed and the contract discontinued.
The ridiculous and exorbitant first aid kit which the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) forced motorists to buy also raised serious protests from Ghanaians. Your government said you did not know about it, and went ahead to stop it.
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Recently, the state broadcaster got the Chief Justice to set up special courts to prosecute people who default in the payment of TV license. The TV License law is unjust and its enforcement is senseless because the state broadcaster we have in Ghana has outlived its usefulness. GBC does not present itself as a serious media house that deserves a pesewa from the citizens. GBC has more resources than any broadcaster in Ghana. GBC also has quality staff. But the station is not just serious. GTV was showing drama when all the major media houses were airing the crucial ITLOS ruling on the maritime boundary dispute between Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire. This same GTV was showing a beauty pageant when other private stations were broadcasting the gas explosion at Atomic Junction. GBC is like a man with a strong waist and a huge and healthy manhood, who does not know how to satisfy a woman. It is not wise to invest in viagra as a solution to such problem.
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Your government distanced itself from the GBC, saying you were not consulted on GBC’s recent actions. The Corporation has relented in that relentless step.
Former President Mahama recently lambasted you and your government for always saying you’re not aware of issues when they happened. But I see it differently. It is embarrassing and your government ought to punish the officials who take the scandalous decisions. Besides that, however, your government appears to be a listening one. on a number of occasions, you have proven to be sensitive to the criticisms and the concerns of the people you govern.
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When I wrote an article criticising you and your vice for leading an entourage of ministers to Asantehemaa’s funeral twice in one week without paying a visit to Kumasi Academy in the wake of the deaths, the Vice President visited the school the following day.
When the first part of my investigative work on Jospong’s shady contracts with the assemblies and the Local Government Ministry first aired, I received a call from your Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, Gloria Akuffo. She said her ministry was interested in taking up the matter.
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“I suggest you wait because this is only one angle and the first part of the series,” I told her.
“We cannot wait,” she said.
She told me she wanted the police to start the investigation as soon as possible so that as the other angles unfolded, they would take up those ones too. That same evening, I had a meeting with the Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police Service to discuss the scope of the investigation.
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From what I know, the police have covered a lot of grounds in their investigation and what is yet to be seen is whether your government will have the political will to go ahead with the prosecution of those culpable in this case.
With these and other successes your government has chalked, I feel it is only fair that I congratulate you on your first anniversary while reminding you that Ghanaians are not satisfied, especially in the area of fighting corruption. I have written extensively about the specific cases in my previous letters to you so there’s no need repeating them here”.


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