Being Gay, Lesbian Or Transgender Is An 'Insult' To Humanity — Says Our Dear Friend Counsellor Lutterodt (Video)

Counselor George Lutterodt

Counsellor George Cyril Lutterodt, the foremost spewer of nonsensical opinions in Ghana, has described being transgender as an ‘insult to humanity’.

Whilst BrutallyUncensored.Com is breaking down the barriers and opening up the difficult conversations, the zealots and bigots like Lutterodt prefer to remain stuck in the past.
Lutterodt was interviewed by Prime News Ghana over the recent elevation of LGBT issues and he took particular umbrage at transgender individuals such as Madina Broni.
“Gayism, lesbianism is not an act that I see to be normal. I see it be abnormal. Abnormal in the sense that you grow as a boy, you are given a male name, they address you as a male, then you say I’ve now discovered myself that I’m supposed to be a female.” Lutterodt said.

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“I keep saying that it founds itself to be one of the insults that comes to humanity. Because you are born and you are named George, then you grow and say that unfortunately my family didn’t know what they were doing so I’m now called Georgina and I have a male organ but I think that I’m supposed to have a female organ. I think there’s an error and its abnormal.” he added.
Listen to the controversial counsellor below…


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