Heartbreaking VIDEO: Children of Husband Snatched By Gospel Musician-Patience Nyarko Say Their Father Does Not Call or Visit Them and Beg Him to Come Home

Children of Kumi Wilson, Alleged Snatched Husband By Patience Nyarko

It’s heart-breaking…
A few days ago, Olivia, the wife of Kumi Wilson told GhanaCelebrities.Com that Gospel musician Patience Nyarko has snatched her husband from her.
And that following this, Kumi Wilson, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trust Productions, a record label that has signed Patience Nyarko and Piesie Esther has completed forfeited his fatherly responsibilities toward their two children
Olivia in an exclusive interview with GhanaCelebrities.Com spoke about how she hustled with her husband to create a better future for themselves and their two children.
She said they even bought a land and started building a house as well as took several loans to buy commercial vehicles.
But after the husband became the producer of Patience Nyarko and they both started chopping each other down, he has sold the land and the partially built house they erected on it without her consent, he has sold almost all the commercial cars—and has forfeited his responsibilities toward his family as a husband and a father of two, she added.
Kumi Wilson, Olivia and Patience Nyarko

Olivia said she has been through hell all because Patience Nyarko wouldn’t leave her husband alone. If anything at all, she just wishes for Kumi Wilson to take up his fatherly responsibilities—because bearing it all is an obvious burden.
Patience Nyarko and Kumi Wilson have come out to completely deny Olivia’s allegations despite GhanaCelebrities.Com’s confirmation that the living condition of Olivia and the two children is extensively poor following a visit to the single room without any toilet facility they live in.
Now, the two children who do not see their father have been recorded, saying their father does not call or visit them—and begging their father to come home.
Perhaps the question is; would Patience Nyarko allow him?
Watch the video below…


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