Story Claiming Bola Ray Was Leaving EIB Network For Zylofon Media Proven Completely False As Offending Blog Retracts Its Publication

Bola Ray

The unfounded story recently ran by some outlets in Ghana claiming Bola Ray, Chief Executive Officer of the Excellence in Broadcasting (EIB) Network, was leaving his job at EIB for Zylofon Media has been proven completely false as the originating source has retracted its claim.
Turnover of a few staff from EIB has led to a narrative being built by some detractors that EIB is going down and the story sought to feed that by claiming the public face of the network was leaving it.
However, in the face of no facts to back up the story, GeorgeBritton.Com has been forced to issue a retraction of its story.
The retraction, ran on the site, admits the story has no basis in fact.

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The truth is the EIB Network remains the fastest growing in Ghana and despite the short period of its existence, boasts of some of the best talent and programming in Ghanaian broadcasting, including Bola Ray himself who is one of the finest in the world behind a microphone.
Read the retracted story posted by GeorgeBritton.Com below…

On Monday January 16, we reported that Bola Ray, celebrated Ghanaian broadcaster and CEO of Africa’s fastest growing media group, EIB Network, was heading to new entrants Zylofon.
Our story was informed by claims by sources that have so far proven untrue.
In the last 24 hours, we have learnt that those sources cannot be authenticated and as such we would want to retract the story.
We regret any damage this may have caused Bola Ray and the EIB Network.

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