A Lot Of African Women (Yaanom) Are Like The S*x Dolls They Are Condemning — Have Nothing To Offer In A Relationship Except S*x– Chris-Vincent Writes

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

With the recent advancements in s*x doll technology which has led to the manufacture of incredibly lifelike s*x dolls, the conversation over their usage has gripped Africa.
Many ladies are condemning them, with posts on social media pointing out s*x dolls cannot cook or clean and many other reasons why men should not patronize them.
Somewhat ironically, a lot of those making the arguments against the s*x dolls on the back of cooking and cleaning and other, so to speak, ‘feminine’ duties, are the same people who often make noise on social media that a woman should never do these things for a man until they are married.
BrutallyUncensored.Com founding editor Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri has taken these women, who he has dubbed ‘Yaanom’, to task for their clear double standards and hypocrisy.

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Writing on BrutallyUncensored.Com, Chris-Vincent argues that a lot of these ladies are the same as s*x dolls in that they bring nothing to a relationship but their coochies.
In a piece entitled: “A Lot of African Women Are Literally Like the Same Sex Dolls They’re Talking Trash About” — Chris-Vincent writes…

A large number of African women bring a lot into relationships but a significant number of them come in with just their coochies—and they smugly argue that, unless a man is married to a woman, the woman shouldn’t perform wife-like duties.
Of course, the absurdity of the above assertion is obvious: you are ready to offer s*x to a man who is not married to you, but anything else, ought to be classified as wife duties.
Since s*x, probably boring s*x is what a huge number of these women, a group I contemptuously call “Yaanom” bring to the tables of relationships, devoid of even intelligent conversations whatsoever, they are literally like the sex dolls flooding the market.
The African Social Media landscape has featured several comments from women claiming that the influx of those beautifully shaped s*x dolls shouldn’t  be encouraged and shouldn’t be regarded as a threat to their kind—because the dolls cannot clean, cook, talk or do anything apart from being f**ked.
The truth is; that’s exactly what many of these women have become in relationships and therefore getting mad and erecting arguments such as the above is self-defeating. You can’t or don’t clean, cook, wash or bring anything valuable to the relationship table except the coochie–so what’s the difference?
Considering how much some African men spend on the many only sex-offering girlfriends: paying for their rent, long weaves, mobile phones, cars, fuel, make-up, food and drinks—it wouldn’t be imprudent to consider a permanent flexible alternative without increasing cost of maintenance.
And the plus is; some of the dolls look exactly like these women too with their long “vampire” nails, weaves and pumped up b**b.



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