4 Valid and Amazing Reasons Why Buying A Sex Doll is Better Than Dating A Lot of Ghanaian Women


Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri, Founding Editor of GhanaCelebrities.Com and BrutallyUncensored.Com in a recent article titled ‘A Lot of African Women Are Literally Like the Same Sex Dolls They’re Talking Trash About, Writes-CHRIS-VINCENT’ stated that “Since sex, probably boring sex is what a huge number of these [Ghanaian] women, a group I contemptuously call “Yaanom” bring to the tables of relationships, devoid of even intelligent conversations whatsoever, they are literally like the sex dolls flooding the market.”
He added: “Considering how much some African men spend on the many only sex-offering girlfriends: paying for their rent, long weaves, mobile phones, cars, fuel, make-up, food and drinks—it wouldn’t be imprudent to consider a permanent flexible alternative without increasing cost of maintenance.”
Today, influenced by his piece, we bring you the 4 amazing reasons why buying a sex doll may be better than dating a lot of Ghanaian women.

No Send Me Mobile Money Nonsense
A lot of Ghanaian women are like parasites when in a relationship with them.
And Mobile Money has made it easy for them to always ask for money from the men they date.
Somehow, these women think the men they are into relationships with have to provide them with money, every time.
Sex dolls wouldn’t even have a mobile money account to request for money. 
No I Am Tired Or My Menses is Here So No Sex
Many Ghanaian women behave as if they do not love sex and giving a sex to their boyfriends is a big favour.
Therefore, they peddle a lot of excuses such as “I am tired” or “my menses is here” to avoid having sex with their men
When you buy a sex doll, sex would be available 365 days a year for you. No excuses!

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Sex Dolls Can Give You Some Great Doggy and Other Styles
The conservative Ghanaian woman is boring in the bedroom.
She would either pretend or wouldn’t just know what to do. They would mostly lie on their backs and serve you the old boring missionary style forever.
If you are a man of many styles, preferably doggy; sex dolls can be positioned anyhow you want, without a drop of complaint.
Sex Dolls Are Far Cheaper to Maintain
Maintaining a lot of Ghanaian women when in a relationship is capable of making you bankrupt.
Apart from the Mobile Money nonsense, you are often expected to pay for their weave, make-up, taxi rides to your place, buy them clothes, food, drink and even pay for their rent.
In a year, you would spend a fortune on sex ladies.
A once off purchase of about 2300 dollars of an amazing sex doll and you are set for a long adventure.


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