Trump Is 100% Right That African Countries Are Sh*tholes — Kumchacha


Prophet Nicholas Osei, known popularly Kumchacha, is another person showering praise on U.S President Donald Trump for speaking ‘the truth’ and describing African countries as ‘sh*tholes’.
According to Kumchacha, the U.S President was right with his characterization of Africa.
“Trump is 100 percent right to describe African countries as sh*thole countries. We have everything at our disposal but our leaders refuse to make good use of them”, Kumchacha said in a recent interview.
“They should be blamed for the hardships and suffering of the people; why should we be angry with Mr Trump when he describes us as sh*thole? I agree with him”, he added.

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Kumchacha was referring to the infamous comments by Mr Trump during an Oval Office meeting where he described African countries in derogatory terms.
Whilst he has been widely criticized for the comments, many Ghanaians have supported Trump as simply speaking the truth.
Kumchacha said the problem with Africa are our leaders and not the truth spoken by the U.S leader.
“God will punish our leaders for deceiving us all this while. They deserve to be called sh*tholes.” he added.


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