AUDIO: Christian Evangelist Says Ladies Who Wear Make-Up, Weaves And Earrings Would Go To Hell

Well, it looks like not only us filthy atheists and gays are going to fill up hell. According to this evangelist, about 95% of women in Ghana are definitely going to end up there as well.
And don’t think you are safe, my fellow men, this amazing evangelist claims wearing wedding rings is also a sin which can land one in hell.
This quite exhaustive list of sins was released by one of these trotro evangelists, who apparently was in one moving from Circle to Lapaz.
The evangelist said wearing make-up, earrings and wigs are all against the command of the Lord and would land those who wear them in hell. He said if God meant for women to wear earrings he would have created them with pierced ears.

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He even said wedding rings are demonic and should not be worn.
Those who have ears to hear, let them hear. Lol.
Listen to the man below…


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