CHRIS-VINCENT Writes: Leave Me to Go to Hell—Is it Your Soul That Will To to Hell? Why the Wahala?

Chris-Vincent Agyapong Febiri

Whenever I write on issues some Ghanaians disagree with, which I do a lot, I get the same set of messages from different people.
Some will say; I like some of your articles but I don’t like these ones or please don’t say that again.
As a writer; it’s only an unintelligent being who would want to always agree with me, I said to one of them this morning.
I write for a diverse audience; sometimes I even intentionally write to piss the majority off—tough luck if at these times you fall within the majority because it always works.
If I or any of my websites write articles and you agree with some and you don’t with others; that’s fine. Do not be messaging me about this—because I already know not everyone would agree and that’s what it ought to be.
Usually, I would advise that such people enjoy those articles they love and read or stay away from those they don’t. No one has a gun to anyone’s head to read anything. It’s a matter of choice.However, what’s not right, perhaps even lame, is to ask that I don’t write a certain way or on a certain issue because you didn’t like it or disagrees with you.
I have a few favourite writers including Sam Harris, Piers Morgan and Christoper Hitchens and I don’t agree with them on everything they’ve written or write. I mostly agree with the beauty and intelligence of their arguments and the brilliance of their writings but sometimes not the diction or even conclusion.
Do I track them down not to write that way again or erect those conversations because I don’t like it or find it somewhat offensive?
A writer ought to be able to get you to love and hate him at the same time; probably even hate him more for his honesty and yet be addicted to the beauty of his art.
Opinions ought to vary: I personally find opinions which are in consonance with each other at best a conspiracy, at worst, stupidity.
If you love my exposes, writings and works on Miss Ghana that’s great for you. I know Inna Patty doesn’t like it.
Same way if you don’t like my writings on homosexuals, sex dolls and even religion, that’s fine because Akosua Bruwaa may love it.
Do not try to shut varying and offensive opinions: that’s completely undemocratic and a brutal assault on democracy—that actually pisses folks of mankind off.
And you are not my Editor either; in fact, how can I have over 500,000 editors—everyone wants a piece tailored to their preference, all the time.
I am the Editor; I decide the content direction and the punch lines, not you. You are the reader, you decide what to read and what not.
Also, I don’t come to tell you what to say in the commenting section and I actually don’t care what you really say—so leave me to my own.
And those who keep telling me I am going to hell: that’s where I actually belong and want to go there so leave me alone to go, is it your soul that will go to the hell?
How do you threaten someone who does not believe in a God with hell? Duh!


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