Everything In Ghana Is Now Centred Around S*x — Zapp Mallet Laments

Zapp Mallet

Renowned sound engineer Zapp Mallet has bemoaned the direction our entire culture in Ghana is taking.
According to Mallet, everything in Ghana is now geared towards s*x and its corroding our culture.
The veteran was commenting on the recent Presidential meeting with the press where the questions that were asked were immensely trivial.
The press have been criticized for the meeting and Zap Mallet, speaking on the issue, said there is a broader problem with Ghanaian society and not just with the media.
Mallet said Ghana has become obsessed with s*x and it is dragging us down.
He wrote on Facebook:
“Why are sm ppl disappointed with the journalists and the questions they asked the president? Noooooo. It’s just a mere reflection of today’s society. Our journalists don’t fall from the sky. A country where we care more about sex than our lives. Everything we do now is about sex. Alcohol, abt sex. Herbal, abt sex. Food, sex. As for music we know. There must be sex attached to everything we do else it won’t sell. So why should we expect more? Don’t blame the journalists. Let’s be realistic”.


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