Almost-Beaten Lydia Forson Has No Right To Record Someone Without His/Her Permission – Street Lawyer

Lydia Forson

Lydia Forson’s latest Feminism Amenehunu almost left her beaten by a security man she tried recording during an altercation near NAFTI.
Per the actress’ narration, she started taping the man to grab an evidence to later make a feminism case of how this self-acclaimed security personnel was riding on some invincible power mixed with his patriarch ego to assault her crew.

Revealing her ordeal, some have sympathized with her but other street lawyers have a different opinion about the gesture that nearly saw her in a street fight but for timely intervention that only left her ranting from the top of her hot temper.
One ‘twitter-legal-practitioner’ by name Mr Addo, took to the platform criticize the actress of being at fault for attempting to record someone without his permission.

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You have a right to your phone. But do you have the right to record people despite they not approving of it?” he wrote in a reply to Joy Fm’s reportage on the assault.

Dear GC Lawyers What Do You Think? Watch The Assault Below


I don’t even know where to start this piece from. How do I explain that I woke up excited about my day unaware of the very dangerous encounter I was to have. How do I write in a language that won’t be judged, misinterpreted or dismissed. How do I speak on my assault without someone tone checking me, questioning the validity of my claim and trying to make it my fault. Because that’s the never ending cycle women in this country go through whenever the subject of any type of abuse is brought up. Who we are becomes the centre of the conversation and NOT what happened to us. How we speak on the subject will determine if we deserve sympathy or not, we have to hold back the anger we feel, speak in a more acceptable tone and basically focus more on how people receive what we’re saying instead of the pain of what we went through. Yesterday I was assaulted by this man, a security official who looked me dead in the eye and said “he could beat me because his power permitted him to and no one would do a thing about it”. Click Link in bio for the full story . ***Send any information you have on this guy to : [email protected]

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