'S*x Tape' Headmaster Who Is On The Run Has Been Asked To Report Back At Post

The headmaster, Robert Sepey

The headmaster at the centre of a recent s*x tape scandal in the Central Region, Robert Sepey, has been asked to return to post for an amicable solution to be found to the issue.
The headteacher was the one seen in a video banging his own 16 year old student and recording the tryst.
After the video went viral in the town,  Breman Edumanu, Sepey went on the run, whether out of shame or fear for his fate, no one knows.
However, the Asikuma-Odoben-Brakwa District Education Directorate sent the Circuit Supervisor of the Area to take over the school, Breman Edumanu D/A Basic.
The Supervisor has reportedly put out a call for Sepey to return to the school for the issue to be amicably settled.
As we reported at the time, a video apparently circulating online showed the headteacher of a school in the Central Region banging a 16 year old student.
Mr Sepey, the culprit, is headteacher of the Edumanu D/A Basic School at Breman Edumanu in the Asikuma Odoben Brakwa District of the Central region.
The video, apparently recorded by the headteacher himself, shows him with the girl kneeling in front of him as he bangs her brains out.
The video, which has travelled far and wide through the community, has sparked outrage.
According to Adomonline, residents say the practice of teachers f*cking students have been going on for a long time and they want all teachers in the community to be transferred out in the wake of this development.
The headmaster in particular is said to be notorious for sleeping with students and recording the acts, but has denied the allegation anytime they are raised, citing lack of evidence.


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